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Yael Rosenblum

Previously a professional violin and viola player, graduated from the Jerusalem Arts and Science academy in 1996, later also from the Stradivarius international violin making school and baroque specialisation in Cremona, it has been 20 years that mrs. Rosenblum is creating masterpieces of violins violas and cellos in Cremona and Turin. Her instruments were chosen by first players of La Scala symphony orchestra in Milan, Israel Philharmonic orchestra, Opera house in Florence, the American ballet theatre in New York, Santa Cecilia symphony orchestra in Rome, quartetto di Cremona and many other extraordinary musicians around the world. a special appreciation was pronounced by Maestro Zubin Mehta, Saying that unlike any other modern instrument, Yael Rosenblum's violins remind the old Italian sound.

  Francesco Manara

Solist Concertmaster of “Teatro alla Scala” Orchestra, Milan.

The sound of Yael Rosenblum's violins is  very sweet and uniform on all 4 strings and it possesses a roundness that permits the optimum projection even in halls with more difficult acoustics.

   Menahem Breuer

Concertmaster of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra

I own a Rosenblum viola, the quality of sound and the power is outstanding indeed...The response of the instruments and the evenness of all four strings makes the playing very enjoyable and so satisfying.

   Simone Gramaglia

Violist, Quartetto di Cremona

The capacity of combining  beauty of sound, ease of sound production and comfort makes Yael one of the best makers I have ever met.

   Mujan Hosseinzadeh

Violist, New York

After trying many violas in New York City and some parts of Italy, finally I found my favorite viola in one of my trips to Cremona. It’s very comfortable to play and responsive with a warm and deep sound. I’m very happy with my purchase!

   Paula Moya Castellano

Violist, Spain

I'm playing this amazing Yael Rosenblum's viola since two years ago and I find it perfect for me. This instrument projects the sound easily as it has a lovely, round and warm sound. And I love its Honey-brown varnish, which makes its appearance really beautiful. And Yael is a very professional violin-maker, but also is a very kind and gentle woman, so that's why it's always a pleasure to find people like her.

Gianrico Righele

 First violinist of the Florence Opera House

I was lucky to find such a great maker that each of her creations is a prestige artistic object and sounds amazingly.  

   Ilya Konovalov

Concertmaster of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra.

The ease and comfort of producing a good sound on Yael Rosenblum’s violin is similar to what I feel when I am playing on the orchestra’s Stradivarius violin. Her violin is unlike other modern instruments I have seen. The “old Italian” sound is not only a pleasure to listen to but also the beauty of the instrument is a delight to see.

   Paolo Piomboni

Santa Cecilia Symphony Orchestra, Rome

The quality of all Yael Rosenblum instruments shows in a warm, prompt and rich sound. They are very comfortable to play on and permit a brilliantly professional use immediately.